Animals in art

When I was a teenager I was very into drawing and painting birds and animals. Everyday, after school I head to the local museum, using the displays of animals and birds as my model for my painting.
Pretty soon, the staffs got to know me by name and they started to buy my paintings. Almost all the paintings I done during that period been sold but I keep some for myself.

boreal owl 9x16
Shortly after I entered Art College, I discovered other arts and interests; eventually I stopped drawing and painting animals and birds all together.
One day, I packed away all those paintings and drawings and kept it in my parents’ basement and did not look at them for over thirty years.

owl 8x8 s

watercolor on paper

watercolor on paper

A few years ago, I showed them to a close friend and he was surprised and amazed with the works from my youth

Early last year, I was toying with the idea of revisit my teenager passion; wondering how I would paint the subject after the long absent? I was curious of my long break how would my new works comparing to the old?
Almost as soon as I finished the first one I got my answer: my love for them has returned. I also gained the freedom and joys I did not had before.
Here is some of my latest.

mother and child 13x11 sred panda 9x11


6 thoughts on “Animals in art

  1. I love red pandas! I live in Rwanda, and I found a Ugandan artist named Juuko Hoods. He paints a lot of animals, you should check him out!

    These are great, by the way! What’s your pricing on these?

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