paintings for stamps

magnolia painting for my mother

magnolia painting for my mother

When I was in my youth one of my hobbies was stamps collecting. I spend hours studying, arranging and rearranging my stamps. For me, each little piece of paper was like a miniature art work. Some really captured my imagination I would dream about travel to those courtiers when I grow up. Eventually, my stamp collections grow into a dozen albums I even been to a handful of those countries but many I still haven’t visit.
I got this idea last year to combine my past hobby with my passion with art. I use the stamps as my inspiration for my painting: each little painting is to compliment a stamp. Most of these are about postcard size, 4″x6″ or 5”x7”.

blue poppy stamptulip stampgrasshopper stampgrasshopper

pansy stamp 

watercolor painting with postal stamp

watercolor painting with postal st

squirrel stampsgrasshopper stamp


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