Visiting Beijing Art Museums

china art museum

Beijing has some very impressive art museums. I had been to the National museum three years ago and was amaze with the size and its collection. A friend of Michael told me another one, the China art museum is only one subway stop away from where I was staying. I decided to pay a visit. Although I did not check on the maps but it was not hard to find: the street where the museum is there has sellers offer art books, art supplies right on the sidewalks and across the street are endless art supply, frame stores with nothing else.

view from the museum
One different with the Chinese museums and the other museums I been to is money would not allow one to enter, in order to enter a resident ID or passport to be scanned in exchange for a ticket. But still, one needs to pass the security check and body pat down to finally enter the museum.
Some day, there would be a long line up to get in especially during a holidays when the local and the out of town tours would come out in full force. All museums close early around 5pm and by 4:30pm visitors would ask to leave.

art at the museum


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