Farewell to the SRT

watercolor on paper, 18"x22"

watercolor on paper, 18″x22″

For twenty years, I travel from my east end home to my downtown studio daily. I first took the bus then the SRT (Scarborough rapid transit, an above ground train) and then the subway which take an hour and half. Every morning, I armed with newspapers, books to well use my travel time. Some days I even work on my drawings while on it.
Although the SRT is only little more than twenty years old, it has many problems with constant break- downs, delays and over crowed, especially during the winter. When it happens, a normal 20 minutes ride would turned into an hour or longer.

Just to avoid all those unforeseen problems, I would raise extra early in the winter when the sky was still dark to get there early.
However, my daily routine has been changed since I relocated my studio back home, no more getting up early, waiting in the frizzing cold the trains any more.
Here is my watercolor painting: “Farewell to the SRT”, 18”X22”


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