Dancing on the square


belly dancing

There is a large square in front of the St. Joseph Cathedral in Beijing: one afternoon as I approaching I could hear rather unusual music playing, it sound Middle Eastern. As I getting close I could see a small crowd gather at one corner, to my surprise a Chinese woman in sunglasses and dress in a colorful costumes was doing a belly dance! The crowds seem to enjoy her performance I watch her for a while took some photos then go on my way.
Later, I discovered, there always some activities going on at the square, from early in the morning till late at night. it could be groups of men playing chess, wedding parties using the cathedral as backdrop for wedding photos.
One afternoon a young man was there lip synching, dancing with an empty water bottle, as he was rehearing for an singing contest

lip synching
At night, it was even more interesting; two groups of dancers, one of mainly middle age man and women, doing the slow ball room dancing. The other was a group of young guys doing a combination of hip hop with break dance. They seem to respect each others’ spaces with an invisible line separated the two at the middle of the square. Both had their own music (big band music for the slow dancers and hip hop for the young guys) they were illumined by the moonlight above and lights from the billboard across the street.

dancing on the squarehip hop dancing


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