Sleepless in Beijing

beijing at night

When we were in the taxis Rong told me I was lucky because the APEC summit happens during my stay in Beijing and the government has ordered a six days holiday, all factories will be closed. We can enjoy days with less pollution and able to see the blue sky!
He was very proud he able to reserve the hotel for me because it’s well located right in the Wanfujing area. Wanfujing is the oldest shopping area full with some of the expensive world brands stores and it also walking distance from Michael’s home. In our taxis he mentioned I needed to check in before 6pm but we have plenty of time to get there. I thought the time limit seem strange but didn’t ask him about it. (I found out the reason later).
After I got in to my room without repacking I hit the pillow and tried to catch some badly needed sleep. However, I discovered the drawback of the great location: all night long cars were honking below my windows. Early next morning, after my not so great rest I decided to find a place for breakfast and the badly needed coffee. It must around 7am and the hotel was all deserted there was no one at the front desk! (Later, I found out, the hotel staffs only work from 10am till 6pm and the rest of the hours there will no one at the front desk!)

 Beijing train museum


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