My beautiful “Moon Cake” box

Today is the autumn moon festival which is a important festival in Chinese culture which not unlike the Thanksgiving in North America.
One of the traditions is friends and families would give gift of the moon cakes. The traditional moon cakes are made with lotus seed paste, brown sugar and with the salted duck egg yolk. When I was a kid I always look forward for this festival and the opportunity of tasting the moon cakes. Since the cakes are use as gift they usually come in fancy boxes and the more expensive one are even more impressive.
A couple years ago, I was in China just after the autumn moon festival. One morning, I discovered a very beautiful moon cake box been discarded near my friend’s apartment. The box was like nothing I ever seen; the outside was made with silk fabric with flowers and birds pattern and a gold silk cord as handle. Once untied, there are there compartment with silk linings. It came from the Shanghai Marriott hotel. I couldn’t resist picking it up and took the exquisite box back to Toronto with me.
moon cake box 1moon boxmoon cake box

moon cake boxmoon cake boxmoon cake box


3 thoughts on “My beautiful “Moon Cake” box

  1. Hi Alfred,
    I came across your website while looking for ideas on how to frame a Starbucks bag (the anniversary bag with the siren on it). And now I’m browsing through your beautiful artwork. Such talent!

    Oh the moon cake box! How can someone through out such a gorgeous box? It reminds me that I’m looking for ideas on redoing a traincase that I bought on etsy. I want to use it as my workout kit. You see, when I work out on my lunch break, I don’t want to carry a huge, manly looking sports bag when headed to/from the gym. Here’s a link to the traincase that I bought:
    If you have any suggestions for making it look nice but not too cute, let me know. I like the fabric on the moon cake box, maybe I can use that type of fabric as inspiration for my traincase.

    I agree and understand how you feel to see trash thrown out, when that trash is a nice box or other items made of paper. I always feel bad when I can’t find a use for a box that something I’ve purchased comes it. The only consolation is the city I live in (Papillion Nebraska) recycles paper and plastics, so I can at least toss the box into our recycling bin.

    I’m saving your site in my favorites, it’s been a pleasure seeing your art work. BTW I’ve never been to Canada, but I used to work for a company that was owned 30% by TransCanada. The company was Northern Border Pipeline (it was an Enron subsidiary at that time), and it’s now the TransCanada Pipeline. Our Enron execs used to get to go to Banff, but unfortunately I was never selected for the trip. 😦

    Kind regards,
    Shari Thompson

    • Hello Shari,

      I was in China when I received your message and couldn’t see your etsy image ( many sites are blocked there). the case look very nice I would keep the outside the same maybe have the inside lined with some fancy fabric to add a element of surprise when open?


      • Hi Alfred!
        Wow you are a world-traveler! My son is in New York this week, and for us that’s a big deal-lol.
        Thanks so much for your reply. I like your idea–I was not feeling like figuring out how to change the outside, especially since it’s on good shape. There’s a few fabric store near here, and I’ll check online for some cool fabrics.

        Thanks again! Best regards,

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