I moved the mountain

easter lily watercolor

A month ago, I wrote about my reasons of relocating my downtown studio back to my home. My original plan was to move out at the end of April but all of sudden I had been flooded with commissioned paintings and my move had to be postponed three times.
Almost everyone came to my studio for the first time would comments on the arts and the stuff I had. They wonder aloud how on earth I would ever move as my studio was packed with thousands of art books, paintings, frames and stuff which I had collected for over 23 years.
Growing up I was told the Chinese fable of the foolish old man who moved the mountain. “A ninety years old man and his family lived behind a mountain and everyday he walked over the mountain to do the field work on the little piece of land he owned. One day, after a hard day working in the field an idea came to him: he would dig up the mountain and move it. Everyday, he spent countess hours digging up the dirt and moved it. Everyone would call him foolish as he would never accomplish his goal however he said if I could not finish my task in my life time my sons and my grandsons would continue my job and one day the mountain would be moved. When this reached the Jade God he ordered his sons to move the mountain for the old man”

Right after last Christmas I started to take my books and paintings home via the public transit. Everyday I carry heavy bags of books on the bus and subway and on the weekend when there were fewer passengers I would take the paintings with me, usually two or two the most. Once I got home I would find spaces for them. I even took apart my bookcases and took them home this way
Often my studio neighbors would check on my slow moving progress and none believe I would able to move out in time.. .
After four months of moving by the public transit, a good friend offered to dive me. For the whole month, we made countess trips with her little Toyota. I was able to move my larger items.
During all my packing and moving I was still painting up to the last two weeks, I had sold four paintings and completed 51 commissioned paintings, all without any efforts. Finally, I gave my landlord the final notice I would move out at the end of June. However on the day of my big move both the passenger and flight elevator had broken down. I had to cancel my move one more time/ Yesterday, I was finally completely moved out after more than six months moving. I had moved my mountain with no more rents to pay and little expenses.


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