Applying art lesson to life lesson

wheel with shadowwheel with dragonfly

When I was a child with brother, sisters often we played a game by looking at the clouds and called out what it resemble to, a bird, a cow or a person.
When I grown up and entered art school, one of the first and important lessons I learnt was to see the negative and positive space. When I paint in watercolour, the unpainted white spaces are as important as the painted area.
My childhood game has never left me, every thing I see, I notice things other over- looked and my imagination seems limitless.
With my latest fascination with paper cutting, the principal of negative and positive spaces are in evident again.
Many artists myself included often have doubts about our works, worry about the lack of sale. It took me years to realized, those are the things we I have little control over, instead on focus on the negatives. I just put my energy to create and explore on how to use my talent which I have control over.
My latest piece is another paper cut but on a photograph because lately I have the need to combining my other art forms I practice into one. I had done paper cut on my watercolour paintings and prints so photography is my next experiment. I took this shoot of a wheel of motorbike with its shadow because I like the pattern it creates and the positive and negative shapes.For me the motorbike represents strength, speed and freedom which gave me an idea to add the dragonfly into the shadow. The dragonfly represents the power of light, creative imagination to usher in positive changes in our life

paper cut on photo, 8″x11″.


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