A day in the life of a doggie

The long winter is finally over, my Starbucks Doggie felt it was safe to venture outside without his heavy winter coat this afternoon.
At first, he wanted to stop and smell the spring flowers which just freshly open, he carefully tip toe among them and glad they had survived the winter snow.

tip toe among spring flowers s
He was over-joy with the warmer weather, he jump with such joy almost  to the top of the tree. He jump up so high almost as high as the CN Tower.

doggie with CN Tower
After he settle down, he went to the St. George the Martyr Anglican Church at the end of John Street He marvel at the old tower which has remain still after the big fire at 195.5.


 Doggie with church

As he walk along John street he kept running into his neighbors and they all greet him with warm smile. He couldn’t help but took some selfie with the CN Tower.

sring time with tower



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