Commission painting for a dream client


blushing bride hydrangea
Although I done many commissioned paintings but still I find it far more difficult than painting for myself. In most cases, the clients just gave me a subject and let me do whatever I like but I still worry I might not producing what they expecting.
Recently, all my paintings are commissioned works. While working on one and I already have another in the waiting.
This one is a watercolor of a hydrangea; the client instruction was he wife loves the “blushing bride” hydrangea.( hydrangea with soft pink color). This is my second commissioned paintings for this client, although we never meet somehow we became friend through emails. He is such a dream client not only he sent me the full amount in advance, he insisted to pay me more than I asked. As soon as I finished the painting, I email the image to him and received a very positive respond from him and his wife. He then told me it was the gift to him wife for their 40th wedding anniversary! I was relived not only they love it also thankful he did not tell me the reason before hand otherwise it would more stressful for me.
Today, I discovered he sent me another $150 via pay pal!


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