Mother’s birthday dinner

Yesterday was my mother’s 82 birthdays. Although her birthday was last month but she insists it was not her real birthday as she only goes by the Chinese calendar birthday. I went home early so I could go out to dinner with her. It was raining heavy but inside the restaurant was busy with dinners already.
We ordered three dishes between two of us plus the house soup and desert. Each of us ordered something we love, mother ordered her usual, the Palace pork and I ordered the mixed seafood in the bird nest and a spicy eggplant with tofu.
The seafood in the bird nest is a Cantonese dish and the nest actually made of edibles, fried shredded taro as the container for the seafood and vegetable. The basket- like nest is filled with scallops, shrimps, fish, calamari, mushrooms and mixed vegetable.
It was way too much food for two of us and at the end it came with my favours sweet almond soup。We end up took the left over home, more to enjoy later!.

seafood in a bird nest


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