My life to give away

I been in my downtown studio for 23 years and the last few years the rent just keep going up, just after the Christmas the landlord surprise us with another increase of almost $300! Being a poor artist in this big city is not easy and the last few years were particularly tough and almost right away I decided to move.. I decided to move my studio back home and away from downtown

Since my father’s passing our home just between my mother and I. Recently, I realized she is very lonely during the day when I was away in my studio. So moving back home not only will save the money for rent and I also could spent more time with mother. I been collecting much stuff in the studio all through the years, moving it is a nightmare. After looking around, I decided to give away most of them and let other enjoy them.

I set up a table outside my studio and leave the items out there to let the people on my floor to help themselves.

To my delight, they disappeared almost right away, some I thought no one would wanted but they were the first to go. An idea cam to me I should take photos of the items before they gone to a new home.

Here are some of them:

My ice cream maker

ice cream maker

I had this for over 20 years when I used to live alone I enjoyed making ice cream. Often I would make ice cream with topical fruit, like papaya, kiwi, lychee and mango. It went to my next door neighbor, a fashion designer.

Rice cooker

The rice cooker is a wonderful applicant for my studio; I had make many dishes other than rice with it. I had cooked a whole chicken in it for a few times. It went to Kate, the bookbinder down the hall from me. Yesterday, she told me she used it for the first time and was so happy how perfect her rice was, another happy customer!.

rice cooker


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