Phone call for mother

Chinese lucky charms

Being the children of immigrants often came with interesting challenges. Both my parents never had formal education and speak very little English. They always depend on us to deal with the English speaking world.

For the last five years I had been accompany mother to her eye specialist, a English speaker regarding her cataract. I would act as her translator between her and her doctor. Finally, this time the doctor said she is ready for her surgery and the appointment was set for next month.

Yesterday, mother called me at my studio, all excited as she has received a call which she couldn’t understood fully all she could make out was the woman ask for her and something about 8:30! However mother has two appointments before the surgery, one on the 26th to measure her lens and the other is for her physical for the surgery and both are not for 8:30. the one closest to that time is the one for lens measurement which is 8:50 am.

 I just wanted to make sure so I called the eye doctor’s office this morning. She told me she didn’t call but could be the hospital where the lens measurement will take place. I called with the numbers she gave me and explained what happened: yes, indeed it was them but the appointment was sat as 8:50 am as planned.

My detective work paid off the confusion was over!


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