Breaking ice with my Art


 mountai ram

Canadian are more reserve as whole, rarely strangers would start a conversation with another stranger on the public transit. However the frozen facades been melting slightly since I been drawings on the subway trains.

This winter is seems extremely cold in Toronto. The morning trains, it is ice cold inside, Even I bundle up with hat, scarf and gloves but I still manage to draw. Passengers around me usually resting with their eyes closed around me


Today, the man sat near me look like he was napping during the whole trip but when he got up for the exit he tuned back said to me “Nice drawing”.

Another day, the woman sat next to me commented on my beautiful drawing. Next she would started to tell me story about her daughter’s up coming wedding.. She has to give up this year vacation in order to pay for her up coming trip to Jamaica for her daughter’s big wedding. We chatted all the way to the end of the line while I was drawing.

Last Friday, another woman was so interested in what I was doing. She told me when she was a child how much she loved to draw, seeing me drawing she wanted to get back to drawing again. Before she got off the train, she inquired about where to buy the paper and pen..

Never expected my mobile studio has invited such lovely responds.

wood duck


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