Painting for a special day

painting for a special day s

Painting for a special day

Today is a very special day for me. It was 41 years ago our family arrived in Canada from Hong Kong. It was on Jan. 23, 1973 our plane touched down in Toronto after a whole day travel we finally reached our new country.
I still remember my excitement of seeing snow for the first time. In fact, everything seemed new and exciting to me then. We were full of hopes and expectations for our new future.
However our once busy household is quiet in recent years. Grandmother pass away long ago and father has followed her two years ago. All my sisters and brother had moved away and started their own lives. After living on my own for years, I moved back to help my mother to look after father. After he was gone, there is only two on us left in the house. After years of struggle to make a name in Canada I am not as hopeful as I was but my love of art making still burns brightly.
Ever since I was a child I love to watch dragonfly, bee buzzing in the garden and they still capture my attentions. (Watercolor on arches 140 lb rough paper, 8”x11
Coincidentally, I will attend the opening of my latest exhibition on this very special day!


2 thoughts on “Painting for a special day

  1. Hello Alfred. I “discovered” your paintings about six years ago and greatly admire your work. Today I discovered your wordpress site and have enjoyed reading your stories about your life in Hong Kong and Toronto as well as your experiences visiting China. I was saddened to read your comment in this post that you are no longer as hopeful of making a name for yourself in Canada. I believe your name is VERY prominent in the watercolor community based on the many websites where I’ve seen your work posted. You are a gifted artist and you are appreciated by more people that you realize. You are an inspiration to many. Best wishes for the future. I’ll be watching!

    • Dear Gee,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment.When I wrote that post I was preparing to move out my studio where I had been for 20 years.Yes, even I am disappointed how my arts fits in the Canadian art world here but I am still grateful there are people like you out there appreciated my works.
      best wishes,

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