Protected by Good Karma

magnolia with blue

 I don’t know if any of you believe in Karma, after my Christmas Eve incident I keep thinking there must be some power protected me from that scary attack.

Here is what happened earlier of that day:

Early that morning after I arrived at the studio I realized I was the only one on my floor and likely the whole building. I decided to lock the door on my floor for my own safety. Later, I heard someone trying the door. I went to checked and found it was the UPS delivery guy. Both his hands were full of packages for the other tenants on my floor. I old him they were not in and I was the only one there. I was feeling sorry for him, offered to sign for the packages. One of them was for the bookbinders down the hall. Thinking I will give it to them when they returned after the holiday.

Later, a few tenants at the others unite came but they didn’t stay long but the bookbinders never came in. Later, I was getting ready to go home in the evening. A man came and was talking on the phone he tried my next neighbor’s door I told him he was not in. Turn out he is one of the bookbinders, Kate’s brother and he came to see if the package has arrived for her. I told him I have the package. He handed the phone to me; I spoke to Kate and made sure he indeed is her brother and I handed over the package to him.

He explained to me, the package was very important to Kate; it was the Christmas presents for her kids. Both were very thankful I signed the package for her.

It was by talking to her brother delayed my leaving that night. Somehow I think it was my little good deed earlier helped me escape from real harm minutes later.


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