A brief encounter in a big city


christmas lights at brookfield place

Last night I was at the financial district near the Brookfield place, I decided to go inside and check out this year’s Christmas lights display. The Brookfield place atrium used to call BCE Place (named after a bank) for me is one of the most beautiful indoor spaces in Toronto. The light display was as stunning as I expected.

I took out my camera and started taking photos. No sooner, a well dressed middle age man, likely a lawyer or banker walk up to me and ask if I know what it means? Being a long time Toronto residence I know this is a rarity because Torontonian do not start conversation with total strangers. Although I been to this building countless times and knew the history and the building designed by the great Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Knowing he must think I am a tourist and he wants to share his insight of this building with me. I answer “No”.

He said, the cascading lights represent the forest and the arched dome is the Cathedral. I thanked him and wish him a good evening. He walk away and head home..


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