Korean dinner in Qingdao

 korean dinner

Qingdao has a fairly large Korean community with over 100,000 Koreans is second only to Beijing with over 200,000 population. With the many Korean business and restaurants in Qingdao, one night we tried one at our neighborhood

Four of us ordered the dinner for four and shortly came a huge platter with meat (pork), lettuce and chili paste all pile together. The waitress then turned on the iron plate on our table and another waitress would take over then process to cook our meal

korean cooking 2korean cooking 3korean cooking  4

There were some little side dishes came with our order, soy beans, slices of melon, tiny slice of white fish and the all important kimchi. Each of us also have a plate of lettuce..

Within about ten minutes the meat, lettuce and sauce mixture was cook, we then pick up a spoonful to place it on a lettuce leaf wrap it and eat.

ready to eat


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