CoCo the rocks collector


coco the rocks collector

After five days of hospital stay, Michael was discharged from the hospital. Our original plan when I first arrive in Qingdao was travel to Shanghai during the national day holiday. However it needed to be canceled as the doctor’s order was to have plenty of rest and stay away from oily food for awhile.

  I was not too disappointed with the change of plan. While he was hospitalized I had get to really enjoy living at his apartment and it felt like my second home. I also enjoy making daily shopping and making the meals.

 October first national holiday is an important holiday day, many would take advantage for the seven days off to travel back home to visit families or travel to other cities.

Qingdao being a well known tourist destination was no exception. Over night, the city population has increased and all the tourist sites were packed with smiling faces and happy voices.

Michael received a call from a couple at his work and asked if he could look after their dog while they travel out of town. Coco is a Cocker Spaniel about seven years old. She is a lovable and well behaves dog; she loves to lie at the sunny spots and really enjoyed her company. She has an unusual habit as she loves to collects rocks. Whenever we took her out for a walk, she would pick up a rock and carry it in her mouth to bring home. She doesn’t just pick up any rocks, some she would walk by without stopping; eventually, she would found the one to her liking and she would keep it on her sleeping rug and lie next to it.

When it was the time for Coco returns to her owners she did not take her rocks with her. We kept them on the shelf for her next visit.

Coco paper cut

paper cut, 10″x11″


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