McChicken with rice


pinapple pie

Many western fast foods are common in China. Restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald are very where and also popular. However in order to be successful they needed to adopted some Chinese favors to their menus. For example, the Chinese Pizza Hut offers a seafood pizza with shrimps; the shrimps are pocketed in the dough which enables them tender and moist. It reminds me of eating the shrimp dumpling at dim sum.

Over at McDonald, the golden arch offers Asian milk tea as well as coffee, since the majority of Chinese are tea drinkers.

Lately, it also introduces some rice dishes, for breakfast there are the ham with rice warp, ham and egg with rice. Although I am not a fan of McDonald but I am rather like their pineapple pie. Recently it came out with a banana pie as well.

One night, when we were out at the Olympic sailing area we decided to have something to eat we stopped by the Golden Arches. I was brave enough to order the McChicken rice dinner. Even I didn’t have too much of expectations of it but it was still disappointing. The chicken with rice came in a small box with four slices of chicken, rice and some thin strips of carrot and cabbage.  I found it was too oily and salty for my taste even the rice was too dry. Likely be my first and last of the McChicken rice..

McChicken with ricechicken with rice


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