Moving forest


trees in park

Last year, when first visited Qingdao I noticed the many tall trees everywhere. They are mature trees support with wooden poles all over every sidewalk and parks which perfectly lined up not unlike some art installation.

I was told, with the many new constructions and developments all over the city. Qingdao municipal government launched a large scale forestation program which aims to make the city greener and livable. The more than three million of trees were moved from the eastern forest of Shandong province some even with bird nets attracted. This plan which cost 4 billion Yuan ($634.4 million) but the program triggered many negative responds among residents and internet users as they questioned of as a waste of public fund. Some even questioned would those trees even survive in the city over time.

Eventually the government forced to make the rare step to apologize for its lack of consultations.

 On my return visit this year, I was delighted to see most of the ones I seen in downtown area only a few did not survive but the rest doing very well.

instant forest


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