Dealer wanted: but not the vanity kind

ladyslipper with gragonfly

A couple weeks ago I picked up a local art guide and saw some artists wanted ads for group shows. I responded to a few of them,.

 I was surprise the first respond came back within hours with an attachment. The email r addresses me as Martin and not a word about my works. As I was reading it and then realized it seem this gallery was more interest for my money than my works. The only requirement to be in the show was to pay the fee of $80 and nothing about if there was a theme for this show or what I should exhibit.   Although the amount wasn’t that much) but the works were restricted to within two square foot.. I had never been to that gallery and it doesn’t even have a web site except a facebook page. .

. The gallery is located in area I rarely visit however I was invited to the opening at a artists co-op gallery because a of artist friend is in it.

Last Sunday, I decided to visit both galleries. As soon as I step off from the streetcar I was right in front of this gallery.  A man in short and T-shirt was sitting outside the gallery, next to him was a banquet table with paintings all spread out One quite glance on the offerings but nothing really grab my attention except the price tags for a :painting being offer for $30!

The man likely the gallery owner never acknowledged me or made eye contact with me so I walked in the gallery.

The galley is one of those small store front galleries, about 10’x12’ room and every walls were covered with odd mixture of paintings, drawings of different sizes and styles. None I would want for myself although the most expensive one was only $120.


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