An artist’s day off


butterfly with coneflower

Lately, in the morning when I woke up, I have numbness and tingling feeling on my left hand and fingers. I figure it must be my long hours of holding the knife I use for the paper cutting.  Usually it goes away after the first half hour after I woke up.

However, today when I started to do the cutting the tingeing came back. I decided to give my fingers a break and took the day off. I went to visit some galleries and took pictures.

Hopefully, I will able to resume my cutting tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “An artist’s day off

  1. Your work is gorgeous, Alfred. Sounds like you may have carpel tunnel. A wrist brace would probably help relieve the numbness and tingling. You wear it day and night until the internal swelling in the wrist goes away. Give it a try. It worked for me.

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