Art in a Box Part 2

Last year,I meet an artist in San Francisco she was preparing an exhibition in Paris. They were all small paintings on paper, from 6’ to 12” square.  She explained it was easy to travel with and her whole show could fit right into a small suitcase.

I really like her idea of storing her art in a box and this idea planted seed in my head.

Early this year, I started to work on my idea of art in a box. The first two were using paper cut with boxes I had found.

 Here are the two I made last month:

art in a shoe boxcat in a box

However, as I continue to think how to create art inside a box and more ideas came. My latest art in a box is evolved from the paper cut ones I did last month but combined with my watercolor painting.

I first painted this owl in the wood and when I was satisfy with how it look I started to cut away part of the background, in order to add more leaves and branches.

Here is my finished art in a box:

“Owl in the wood”, watercolor, paper cut in a Nike shoe box, 9″x12″

owl in a box


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