Painting for Mothers day

painting for Mothers Day

magnolia painting for my mother

magnolia painting for my mother

I painted this magnolias painting as my mother’s present for my mom. When I saw the new Canadian magnolia stamps, right away think of my mother.

The Chinese name for Magnolia is (Mulan) jade orchid or tree/wood orchid and my mother’s name is jade in Chinese. The Disney movie Mulan was base on a Chinese Legend Mulan, a beautiful young woman dressed as a young man to take her father’s place to flight the war. Knowing her elderly father would not able to survive if he went.  In Chinese culture, magnolia symbolizes the beauty and strength of a woman.

 My mother is a true example of Mulan, she experience much hardship when she was young but she able to kept her dignity through out. She is like a beautiful magnolia blooms after the hard cold winter.

Watercolor on paper, 10”x10”


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