One in a Billion

One in a Billion

 China is a huge country both in term of size and population. Since I been living most of my life in Canada which has a small population. I have no concept the population of a billion was like.

One day, I was touring the Forbidden City in Beijing; I was overwhelmed with the sea of people. Although I don’t speak much of their dialogue but I share the same heritage as they were.  Almost no one notice I was from aboard. I was just one of the thousands enjoying the splendor of the palaces.  I love watching them how they interact with their friends and family members. Once I took a look of them, then they move along replaced with another. I will unlikely to see them again. They are just one in a billion. I started to work on this series of portraits of Chinese which I called “One in a Billion” about two years ago.

Usually, I don’t stay on working on the same subject or series for a long time. Somehow this works for me and keep me feeling fresh and excited with the project. I would move back and fore between different series.

Today I am back to the Chinese portrait; this one is watercolor on paper, 12”x16”

one in a billion

 and this one is from last year..

Chinese Portrait


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