The Photo Police

 Saturday was a sunny warm early spring day here. I was on my way to my studio and walking pass my usual path which just between the Campbell house museum and Canada life building ( a large insurance company). As I looked down I see some early tulips had just open next the the fence by the Canada Life building . I took out my camera to take a few shoots. As I was leaving a uniform security guard was already waiting for me: he informed me there was no photo allowed at their property.

Somehow I was not surprised because it happened to me every year and always happen on the weekend. I figured he was just bored and had nothing much to do to pass his time and decided to harasses me. Since I already took my shoot without protesting I smile and left.

As to Canada life I had hundred of photos of your building both interior and exterior I took the last twenty years.  I will post them and share with them with the web world!

Canada Life Buildingtulip


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