My Bohemia Easter Weekend

My Bohemia Easter Weekend

little lotus painting

One of the thing I often get from people I first met is they wish they could live in my Bohemia life. Somehow they must have certain idea of how my life compare to theirs.

My studio is sandwiched between two fashion designers’ workshop. During the weekend there are constant noises of sewing machines, telephones and talking coming from them. After many years in my space I pretty much used to the noises and I deal with it by having a radio on close by my desk to block all those distractions..


This weekend being the Easter holiday, I was surprises both of them are away from their studio. When I arrived to my floor and realized I was the only one on my floor and likely the only one in the building!


The first thing I noticed was how cold it was in my space. My landlord must has turned off the heat and thinking no one coming in on this holiday weekend. Although the weather is start to get warmer and reaching close to 10 degree C but our building is over 100 years old and not well insulated. The first thing I did was to make myself a cup of coffee to stay warm. I kept my scarf and put on two sweaters, later I had to add a light jacket just to keep the chill away. However, I was determining to stay and paint and not to let the cold to stop me. By the end of the yesterday I had finished three small paintings and today I also finished another two.

ladyslipper with blue


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