Chase the Winter Blues Away

One of the common complain from artists is the “artist block” especially during the winter. Seasonal affective depression (SAD) or commonly known as winter blues. Often cause artists feel lack of motivation and uninspired to make art. However I am more focus during the winter, I am lot more productive during the cold winter than the rest of the year.

I found when the weather is nice it actually offers too many distractions for me. I would out more with my camera to capture the changes of nature and the many events the city has to offer.

One of my secret of keeping the winter blues away is living plants and flowers. I often visit my local green house which offers a wonderful display of early spring flowers. At home and in my studio I keep a number of orchid plants. Many of them bloom during the winter.

This  latest watercolor is form one of my winter blooming orchid, when the flower first open it has this yellowish green color, watercolor on paper 11”x8.5”.

yellow orchid with blues


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