March Break is good for art making

dragonfly in the afternoon

Today is the last day of the week long March break. All week whenever I go are crowed with parents are with their kids enjoying this winter break from schools. My morning trips to my studio were such breezes since most of the students and their parents are not up that early taking the public transit. however in the evening, it is another story, it was packed with them returning from the outings.

All week long I been avoiding all the places I usually go to, like the gardens, museum and the public library. Those seem like the popular places for them and it was very crowded. But the one I fear the most is the shopping mall. It is not unlike Christmas time and not the place I want to spent time in. All week long, I pretty much just keep myself in my studio and working on some paintings. I don’t mind my daily movement being restricted. Since it is still very cold here I might as just stay in as well.

This morning, parts of the subway line were closed for signal upgrade. I got off early and walk and because the next closer subway is at the Eaton centre (a shopping mall) so I end up inside and was surprised to see so many were inside as well. On Sunday, the stores in the mall are not open till 11am however this morning there were a large numbers of parents and their kids waiting for the stores to open. A group of them sat around the fountain waiting to be turn on. Finally, when it turned on and the water shoot up into the air, a big cheer went up with it.

All day I was inside and by the end of the day, I completed three small paintings. Tomorrow the city back to normal.

here is one of my small paintings, dragonfly, watercolor on paper, 8.5″x11.5″


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