Small is Beautiful

When I was in art school, every year for our school trip we would visit  museums and galleries in New York City.  All my money would spend on postcards from the Museums we visited. Being a poor art student the price of those post cards are great mementos to remember all those great art I seen. Over the years, I had collected a couple of shoes boxes of them, every few years I would take it out to look at the great paintings I admired.

Lately, I had this idea of making smaller paintings which require less time and space for storage. I can finish in one afternoon, compare to the large ones sometime would take days or even weeks to completed.

it is a bug life

Today, I made this 5”x7’ post card size painting of a wheel bug. It combined both watercolor painting and paper cut. My idea is if one holds it up and looks through the cut outs and see different image before him.


3 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think the postcard size is great. I keep promising myself to do some fabric postcards, but just keep putting it off. Maybe your post will inspire me.

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