Dragonfly on a Bamboo Leaf

Dragonfly on a bamboo leaf

A while ago I saw a web article about an artist creates cut- art on leaves. I was fascinated with what he could do with the leaves and wanted to try it myself. However it is winter here in Toronto and the leaves had since long gone after autumn.

Later, I found some very old maple leaves I pressed in an old phone book but as soon as I cut on it the leaf start to break. I realized it was too old so I put that idea on back burner.

  An Artist friends emailed me with the same  article last week, thinking I might interest to try it.

This morning I came across some dry bamboo leaves I had saved. They are from the sticky rice bundles my mother makes every year for one of the Chinese festivals.  She used the bamboo leaves as the wrapper and one time I took one to my studio as lunch and I saved the leaves thinking I would use it for some art project later.

 I try my leaf cutting on them and surprised how well it worked. In the afternoon, I went over to Chinatown which is nearby and brought a bag of dry bamboo leaves. It was my first art supply purchase in three months and it only cost $2.60!

bamboo dragonfly bamboo leaf dragonfly

My dragonfly on Bamboo leaf is 3”x13”


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