Goodbye February Hello March

butterfly with grasshopper

Today as the eve of the new month of March this is also the 58th day of my shopping bags make over. When I started this little art project on the first day of the year, I had no idea after two months I am still making it. Somehow it slowly evolve into something of a delight not just for my own amusement but also for the others seeing them.

Last week, I took down my paintings from one large wall in my studio and replaced them with the finished shopping bags. It fills up the whole wall and when I counted, I hang up 50 shopping bags and then I ran out of room. Today, at the end of the second month I had remade 57 bags in total.

Many of my friends are urging me to exhibit them in a gallery. I guess now is the hard part to find a gallery to show them!

guess beetle


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