Passion over Reason


paper cut out

paper cut out

Yesterday was Sunday; I spent the whole day in my studio. I worked on a little cut out pop up card of grasshopper. When it finished I was very please with the result and then realized I had spent almost the whole day on this 5”x7” card!

This got me thinking, if someone not an artist would not understand why I would spend that kind of time to produce something without any financial return? I could have used the time to do a painting and have better chance to selling it.

I guess many artists myself included often devoted countess hours to make art out of our passion for it.  In most cases, passion is more important than reason.



5 thoughts on “Passion over Reason

  1. I completely understand… the gift that art gives is not just financial reward (that’s for the very lucky few) but for the richness it brings to your soul and the completeness it gives to your creative spirit.
    For anyone who is only interested in the cash reward, they have missed the point and will never “get it”… for the rest of us there is a special sweetness in knowing that there is also a greater treasure in our art that’s more than the bottom line on a balance sheet.
    I’m a detail freak so I can very much appreciate your grasshopper 🙂

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