Shopping bags make over update

Here is little update on my shopping bags make over:

I still making them and the design has became more intricate. Sometime it would take a whole day to complete one.

Yeste3rday, I had this idea about, instead of just doing just the cut out on it, I would turn the cutout into 3D. The first one I made was the dragonfly; I spent a lot on time on the detail on its wings. When it was done I was quite please with it. It looks like the dragonfly just happens to landed on the bag.



Today, while I was looking at the Aritvia shopping bag which has a young woman riding on a bike at one side of the bag. I have this idea of a butterfly and turned her body as the body of the butterfly and the bicycle wheel into its tail

3D Butterfly

Now, the inside part of my middle finger on my left hand has develop tough skin due to holding the knife for long hour. Oh well, it is price to paid for my art




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