Moose with Banana

While working on the “shopping bag make over” in my studio.  Sometimes, I caught myself smiling with the little in-jokes with the images with the bags.

moose for banana republic

moose for banana republic

This one  is one of them.  Banana Republic is another American clothing chain stores been  took over our Canadian retail landscape.  I thought if I use our iconic moose image and would add more Canadian identity to the brand.  I like the tongue and cheek name of Banana Republic and what better than a banana tree.  So I made this cut out of the Moose about to dine on the tree ripen banana!

The bag is my #37 and it is 12”X16″


2 thoughts on “Moose with Banana

  1. dropping a line if you don’t mind
    those : little in-jokes as you put it, gives the bag so much power and at the same time it also gives your work a personal touch. I find it very nice to see your work.
    Keep it up!


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