From shopping bags to shoppers’ behavior

 My “shopping bags make over” project is approaching its first month. Since I been collecting the shopping bags at the large local mall near my studio. I also discover some rather interest facts about our Canadian shoppers’ behavior:

 1)      Most high end shoppers shop on Saturday: I found more shopping bags from high end stores on that day than during the week and they usually were discarded within steps from the store.

2)       Our Canadian Shoppers are the modest ones: They do not like to hang on certain type of bags, such as Victoria secret bag which in bright pink might attract too much attention. My guess is women do not wanted people to know they just brought under garments. Another one is the Abercrombie bag which has a bare chest image on both side of the bag. I think the shoppers likely consider as being too sexy. So on any given days, I found many of them.

shopping bag make over

shopping bag make over

 3)      The less expensive stores’ bags are harder to come by as the shoppers would keep it and take home with.

4)      Monday and Tuesday are the slowest of the shopping days and once around Thursday business start to pick up again. Most shopping is done on Saturday.

5)      Some shoppers would wear their newly purchase clothing after trying it on and discard the ones they came in as soon as they left the store. ( I had found jeans, shoes in some of those bags and sometime even small changes.)

6)       Shoppers are not interested in Cosmetic samples or store catalogus often are discarded as soon as they walk out the store.

Shopping bag make over

Shopping bag make over


2 thoughts on “From shopping bags to shoppers’ behavior

  1. Very interesting observations Alfred. I also wonder if carrying around a bag from a high-end store could mark you as a potential target for a criminal? Is it safer to tote something more nondescript? Love this project…the fact you are deriving other info and making connections from it broadens its scope and appeal as art.

    • I live in Toronto, Canada and is very safe here. The mall is full of shoppers at all time. Many also carry those same high end shopping bags as well. i am glad you and others are enjoy this little art project.
      Thank you,

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