Painting with Coffee

coffee painting   Last years, I read on the web some artists been using coffee for painting. I decided to experiment it myself. First, I made myself a supper strong coffee, I used double amount grounded Starbucks coffee to make one cup of coffee. Once the coffee was cool I try to use it as how I paint in watercolor but the color was too light. I left the coffee overnight hoping it will make the color more intense. The next day when I used this day old coffee it has the intensity I wanted and I painted an orchid painting which  turned out well.

However, I don’t see any advantage of this coffee paint than using watercolor or ink and  with the price of the coffee  it actually cost more so unless I at a situation I don’t have my watercolor with me and I would not try this again.


4 thoughts on “Painting with Coffee

  1. Wow, that is incredibly good! Can’t believe it is painted with coffee – all these shades tints and tones are so subtle and different and at the same time make the whole picture a little masterpiece. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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